BLAXX - Night Anti Wrinkle Face Serum - With SYN-AKE Venom Extract

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Who needs botox?! Our unique, gold coloured individual capsules include the highest quality synthetic snake venom, aloe vera and vitamins that significantly reduce wrinkles, stretch-marks and black bags, leaving your skin feeling soft and shiny, but not greasy. Instant results that really work. Contact us today for a free sample - you won't be disappointed!

Special introductory offer of £14.99 - normally £24.99.

BLAXX snake venom extract serum is the affordable, non-surgical alternative to botox - it really has to be seen to be believed. Say goodbye to those inevitable wrinkles, with steadfast results in just 2 days!

Our 30 day, one capsule a day is an affordable, and convenient way to make your skin look like its never looked before.

Our all natural face moisturising serum is handily packaged for a single use, to avoid mess, and to allow you to use only what you need. Use on your face for an immediate tightening, yet softening effect on your skin - great for those pesky wrinkles!

Amino acids in the low dose of venom block nerve signals that tell muscles to contract, which in turn helps to stop wrinkles forming.

Additional benefits include whitening and reducing dark bags that form under the eyes, and with the addition of aloe vera in particular, BLAXX snake venom extract serum works wonders to soothe the pain and increase the browning process from sunburn.

Please send a message to to order a free 2 day trial, and see the difference for yourself.

We assure you that you will get complimented for your soft glow, and shiny complexion, leaving you look refreshed, young, and healthy, and feeling great.

Ingredients: snake venom extract, aloe vera oil, rich citrus essence, ionised water.


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