Cocktail Clay Face Mask Kit

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Keep your clay face mask as fresh as possible, by mixing yourself, with our fun, yet highly effective cocktail range!

Not only can pre-made masks separate, and lose moisture, but the mixture can dry, and has a limited shelf-life. With our handy single-use packs, this is not the case, and stored in a foil pack, it will last a lifetime.

The other benefit of our 'DIY' clay face masks are that you can mix the formula with your favourite liquid, to give you a personlised touch. Water works perfectly well, but others prefer the soothing benefits of runny honey, or milk, or anything your mind cares to imagine!

Each box contains 5 sachets, and can also be mixed and matched - please simply leave us a note at checkout letting us know the cocktail mix quantities you would like.

Warning: you can expect your face to become slightly red for around 2 hours after use. Do not be alarmed, as this is the clay producing its charge to attach itself to the toxins, and pull from the skin.

Ingredients: bentonite clay powder, and a mix of either freeze dried pineapple/ coconut oil powder, freeze dried strawberry/ freeze dried lime powder, or freeze dried lime/ mint powder, depending on your choice of cocktails.

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