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Our medium sized activated charcoal teeth whitening powder comes in a smart, hard black plastic jar, with special inner shive, to avoid spillage.

Designed to last approximately 6 weeks, with average usage, this size is a more cost-effective option, for regular use.

Everyday surface stains from food and drink consumption is inevitable, and can build up very quickly, which is why BLAXX activated charcoal teeth whitening powder is designed to be used every day, so that stains are kept at bay, in a quick, simple, and affordable manner.

Not only does our activated charcoal teeth whitening powder deal with unwanted surface stains that if untreated, keep appearing, but the ultra-fine powder helps to gently polish your teeth, leaving them feeling cleaner and smoother than ever before.

Choose from 5 exciting flavours - all that have additional benefits for your teeth and gums!

Ingredients: activated bamboo charcoal powder, with/ without a choice of either peppermint leaf powder, liquorice root powder, lemon peel powder, coconut oil powder, or turmeric powder.

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