What is the best cream to use for my Rosacea?

What is the best cream to use for my Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common but poorly understood long-term skin condition that mainly affects the face.

Symptoms often begin with episodes of Flushing where the skin turns red for a short period, but other symptoms can develop as the condition progresses, such as:

  • burning and stinging sensations
  • permanent redness
  • spots (papules and pustules)
  • small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible

The exact cause of rosacea is unknown, although a number of possible factors have been suggested, including abnormalities in the blood vessels of the face and a reaction to microscopic mites commonly found on the face.

Although they're not thought to be direct causes of the condition, several triggers have been identified that may make rosacea worse.

These include:

  • exposure to sunlight
  • stress
  • strenuous exercise
  • hot or cold weather
  • hot drinks
  • alcohol and caffeine
  • certain foods, such as spicy foods

Treatments of Rosacea.  

Blaxx Vitality has a Serum that contains a Synthetic Peptide and a high concentrate of Aloe Vera.    By using a pod every night before bedtime, the product act as a kind of moisturiser to combat the redness of the Rosacea.    

Studies have shown that the Serum reduces Redness after 3 days.

RRP £14.99 for 30 days 

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